Friday, June 12, 2009

Tokyo pictures

I'm finally getting around to posting my Tokyo pics. Sophia and I went in the last week of May and spent four days exploring the city and countryside. The first couple of pictures are of the Tokyo Tower right outside our hotel. Next are some shots of the Tsukiji fish market and the fisherman's temple followed by the Asakusa temple. All of the green natury pics and forest temples are from Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The wall of sake containers is from the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Then its on to the craziness of Tokyo and the calm oasis of the Imperial Gardens. The kitten costs $4,000, so it warrants a picture.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you FTC!

Remember all those annoying calls that began 'This is your second notice. Your vehicle warranty is about to expire...'? Well, the FTC has finally tracked down and sued the three companies running the scam. The original FTC complaint includes a 'Prayer for Relief' seeking to claw back the ill-gotten gains of these companies. I hope their prayer is answered.