Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Year in Hollywood

For some reason my little apartment in Hollywood never had a recycling bin, so I just started saving up my wine bottles under the kitchen sink. A year later and I'm moving again, so now I have seventy empty bottles to get rid of. So that's what I've been doing all year...

Anyways, I haven't written in forever so now I'll try to catch up. After Christmas in Vegas, Sophi and I had a pretty quiet and relaxed new year's. The next day when we went to get breakfast, I found that my car was blocked in by a silver Camry I hadn't seen before. As the day went on I started asking around to see whose it was, but no luck. Finally I tried the car doors and started rummaging through the glove box to find the owner. I turned up a name and number so I called the girl; turns out it was a single mom whose car was stolen several days before and abandoned in my parking lot. She only lived a half mile away, so we picked her up, took her to her car, and helped her get situated. She was super happy to have her car back, so that totally made my day.

The following weekend I convinced Sophi to go mountain biking down Mt. Wilson. It's kind of a huge ordeal, but so worth it. You have to take two cars, park one by the entrance to Mallard Canyon in Altadena, drive the other with the bikes up the Angeles Crest Highway to Mt. Wilson, bike down to the first car, then drive back to Mt. Wilson to pick up the second car. You end up driving 75 miles in total, but the trail takes you 10 miles though the Angeles Forest, descending 3,700 feet as it winds through several incredible panoramic vistas with views of all of Los Angeles. It’s a really amazing ride. So Sophi and I make our way to Mt. Wilson and start out on the trail. At first it was rough. We were blasted by freezing winds and had to stop to walk our bikes through long patches of snow and ice. However, once we got on the south side of the hill it was sunny, warm, and enjoyable. We cruised down the gravel road, stopped by the Alpine Tavern, and coasted through the evergreen forests. Three miles in though, I asked Sophi if she had the keys to her car at the bottom. Nope. So, we had to split up. Sophi rode the remaining seven miles down to her car while I hiked back through the snow and ice to get to my car. Not quite how I planned for things to go, but it was a great time nonetheless.

Last weekend I moved to my new place in Sherman Oaks. I love it here. It’s so much quieter than Hollywood and my place is huge. I can walk to a ton of great restaurants and my commute is a bit shorter too. So happy. I’ve also started a motorcycle class so I can get my license. I have one class left, then I can start renting bikes and riding with my brother. Can’t wait to tear up some asphalt on a Harley.