Monday, September 24, 2007

Back home from Oxford

Wow, I'm finally finished with my Oxford MBA. It feels like the past year has just flown by. I remember how long I worked on my application essays, how nervous I was at my admissions interview in New York, and how hectic it was to get ready to move to the UK. Over the past year, I've written over 60 papers and completed 18 courses, a business plan, and a summer internship. I've traveled to Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Iceland, and Greece (not to mention 4 trips back to the States). The most amazing experience for me, though, was simply to spend a year with 215 bright, talented, warm, and interesting people from all over the world. All in all, it was worth it.

Being back in LA is a bit surreal right now. I've changed a lot, but the City is still the same and retains a comfortable familiarity. By that I mean the drivers are still hyper-aggressive and absent minded, the trendy hipsters are still pretentious asses, and all spheres of public life are soaked in a vapid materialism epitomized by the fact that everyone drives either a BMW or Mercedes, regardless of age or income. On the plus side, I can listen to KCRW without having to stream it over a slow internet connection, the sun is always shining, and I actually get to spend time with my fiance. It's good to be home.

That said, I haven't been up to much. I've done a lot of work to make my apartment more comfortable, including painting the bathroom, building a nightstand and wardrobe, fixing the sink, and adjusting the door latches so they actually close. Also, I have a new kitten named Spooky to keep me company.

I'll be starting a position at Google on October 1st, working on contract as an Account Strategist in the Santa Monica office. I look forward to working with a small team in an interesting company, but have to say I'm nervous as to whether Google is the right choice to kick off my post MBA career. I'll just have to jump in and see how it goes. Next step: find a house.

Monday, September 3, 2007