Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back in the 'Couv/running races

Last weekend I flew up to Vancouver to see the fam' and sell my old car. It's always a bit strange going home; the place has changed a lot since I moved to LA, but mostly for the better. I hung out with my friend for a little bit, saw my Mom and Dad, and spent a lot of time under the hood. The weather was nice though, so all in all, a good trip.

This weekend I ran a 5k race for women's cancers. Big props to Jack, Dawn, Sophia, Tiffany, Sara, Dick, and Sue for sponsoring me! You guys amaze me and I really appreciate your support. So Saturday at 5:30 and headed down to USC to get ready for the race. There was a huge turnout and I was really moved to see so many people out there to support a good cause. I managed to finish in 26 minutes at the head of the pack and was really proud that I ran the whole way (since I usually max out after a couple of miles).

That afternoon I saw Son of Rambow. It's a really funny, engaging indie film. Highly recommended.

Today I went surfing in Santa Monica. The water was cold and full of seaweed, but the clouds burned off around noon and I caught a ton of waves. This was a great weekend.